Peter Bailey PAT Testing in Southampton

I’ve been testing electrical and electronic equipment for over 40 years. I’ve been PAT testing since 2008. I’m City & Guilds qualified, am CRB checked, and have £2million of public liability insurance.

PAT Testing – do you need it?

PAT testing is not required by law, however the law does require that employers, and self-employed people must ensure that all portable electrical equipment that they provide is safe and maintained properly.

Penalties for not ensuring this are eye-watering. Fines of up to £20,000 and imprisonment, depending on the seriousness of the accident, have been enforced.

Even though PAT testing is not required by law, it might be insisted upon by your insurance company. So who can carry out PAT testing? The regulations say a “competent person”, but don’t give a definition of competent.

PAT Testing
PAT Testing

Competent Person?

I would like to respectfully suggest that I might be regarded as a competent person. I’ve been testing electrical and electronic equipment since old father time was but a lad, for over 40 years, in fact. I’ve been PAT testing since 2008. I’m City & Guilds qualified, am CRB checked, and have £2million of public liability insurance. I tell you this not to boast, but to reassure you that your PAT testing is being carried out by a safe pair of hands. I’ve seen and tested most portable electrical appliances, including 3 phase 415v and 110v equipment.

How’s it done?

To ensure accurate measurements, my PAT tester is calibrated annually. It’s also battery operated, so that I can work out of your van, your garage, or a storage container, no power needed! I carry an LED headlight, so that I can work at night, again, no mains voltage needed, I provide my own light!

Once the PAT testing has been carried out, I return to my base and download the PAT tester. The software that I use is called SimplyPats V7, and this will provide 1 page of results for each appliance tested. It will also provide a Certificate. These will be converted to a pdf file, and will be emailed to you the very next day.

If the situation is urgent and you require the results earlier, they can be downloaded and emailed to you the same day. I can also email the results to a third party if required; so if you’re a musician performing at a pub, I can email the results and certificate to the pub landlord on your behalf. Your results will be kept on file for 7 years, so if you need duplicates, these can be provided.

PAT Testing
PAT Testing


I hate being late, and I’m sure that you don’t like people who either give you a time, and don’t turn up, or turn up hours later. In the very unlikely event that I’m delayed by a few minutes, I’ll give you a call and let you know. After all, you commit to your customers to deliver a service, and you have every right to expect the same from me.

Anything else?

You don’t need to pay me at the time of test if it’s not convenient. An Invoice is emailed to you as part of the paperwork, and that is payable within 30 days.

I’m not here to rip you off. I offer free advice, which might save you money. Just ask!

Who is this service designed for?

As a self-employed contractor myself, I am aiming this PAT testing service at other self employed contractors, and small businesses. I appreciate that you work during the day, or at weekends, or evenings, so I will base my working schedule around your working schedule.

If you are a company with hundreds of appliances that need to be tested, I would respectfully suggest that I’m not for you.

PAT Testing
PAT Testing

How Much?

Within the Southampton area, I would charge a flat fee of £25. This would cover travel to your site, testing of up to 10 items, and emailing of the results.

For testing between 10 to 100 items, I would charge £2 per item within the Southampton area, again this includes travel to your site, and emailing the results.

In either case, your results will be held in storage for 7 years and duplicates will be provided at no charge.

There is no V.A.T. Payable.

Any hidden costs?

None at all. The price that you see on this website is the price you pay. In addition, if your normal mains plug is damaged, or the fuse is blown, I’ll replace these free of charge.

Main points again


No external power source needed for testing


Fast service


Service designed for smaller businesses


Reasonable prices


Free helpful advice


Mains plugs and fuses changed where necessary included in the price

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